Sampson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jimmy Thornton


Welcome to the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office web page. Please take a look at who we are and what we do to serve and protect the citizens of Sampson County.

The Office of Sheriff is provided for within the North Carolina Constitution. Sheriffs are elected for four-year terms by the citizens of the county in which the sheriff serves. According to common law the Sheriff is considered to be the chief law enforcement officer of a county. The Sheriff and employees of the Sheriff, deputies, detention officers and civilians, make up the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency charged with enforcing the law, investigating crimes, apprehending criminals, providing custody and control of arrested persons through our detention facilities, and serving the court system by service of civil and criminal process and furnishing court security. The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office consists of the Office of Sheriff, Administration, Patrol Division, Bailiffs, Special Investigation Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Civil Division, Domestic Violence Division, Office and Detention Center Staff


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