Sampson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jimmy Thornton


Internet Safety


    DON'T give out personal information online such as your address, telephone number, your name, parent's name, school name, school schedule, passwords etc.
    DON'T give out information about you or your family to individuals you meet online.
    DON'T send or post pictures online without getting parental permission first.
    DON'T believe everything that you read online or that someone tells you online.
    DON'T answer any message that is mean or that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused.
    DON'T keep new online buddies secret from your parents.
    DON'T communicate with anyone that you don't know in person and that your parents haven't approved.
    DON'T agree to meet with someone you've met online before getting parental permission.
    DO use the Internet to help with schoolwork.
    DO be polite to others when using the Internet.
    DO ask permission from your parents before you "download" (copy) programs from the Internet. They may contain viruses or spy ware.
    DO get your parent's permission before you talk online to anyone you don't personally know.
    DO discuss it with your parents if you're contacted online by someone you don't know.
    DO notify your parents if you receive or come across anything online that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable or confused