Sampson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Jimmy Thornton


Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence defined: Domestic Violence is the use of verbal, psychological, or physical force to control and manipulate the behavior of another human being, which you are involved in a close relationship, such as dating couples, married couples, living together/unmarried couples, or family members that live together.

Safety Plan for Victims in Danger:

Have the following items hidden in a place where your partner cannot find them.

• $ 50.00 or more in cash
• Checkbook and Bank account numbers
• A small bag for extra clothing for you and your children
• Social Security numbers of you and your children
• Partners date of birth and workplace address
• Insurance policies
• Marriage license
• Birth certificates for you and your children
• List of important phone numbers (family & friends)
• Sentimental values and phones
• Any special medications for you or your children
• Extra house and car keys

Domestic Violence Shelter and Assistance:

U Care, Inc.
PO Box 761
Clinton, NC 28329
(910) 596-0931


The Sampson County Domestic Violence Team gives presentations to schools, civic organizations, religious groups, etc.
For more information contact:

Domestic Violence Team at (910) 592-4141.